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It’s a lengthy and difficult process to install doors. To ensure that the door will last for a long time longevity, it is essential to employ a professional installer it. We recommend only professionals–i.e. experts in the field that are aware of the intricacies of the trade and trade secrets–should install the doors.

Our team of door fitters is comprised of professionals who have been engaged in what is their love for over ten years. They are able to install doors both inside and out of private residences and have spent many years learning the intricate process of fitting doors. There are only positive reviews about our installers as they employ high-quality installation foams and brand-name fasteners.

Why Choose Us

To install a variety of doors, which include sliding, exterior, interior screens, French and storm doors, closets, and entrance doors, we’re happy to provide professional door installation services. Our experts have many decades of experience in installing doors, and we can assure a flawless installation.


We are attentive to details and appreciate the importance of prompt installation. This lets us ensure that your doors will be installed to the highest standard that is flawlessly aligned and seamless operation. We provide reasonable rates to ensure that you can receive the best price for your money.


We offer excellent customer service and are ready to answer any questions that you might have. Rely on our experts to accomplish the task correctly.


  • Our experts have many years of experience in door installation. This allows for an easy and seamless installation.

  • To ensure your doors last a lifetime We only use the best materials.

  • We offer a wide range of door options such as traditional and contemporary designs , along with wood and glass.

  • Our installation service comes with a comprehensive warranty, covering any problems that might occur post-installation.

  • We recognize the importance of having the installation completed on time and ensure that our staff completes the work within the stipulated time frame.

  • We take great pride in our care for detail, and we will ensure that your doors are constructed at the highest standard in perfect alignment and smooth operation.

  • Our prices are reasonable and ensure that you receive the best value for your money.

  • We are committed to providing excellent customer service and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

What does the door installation look like?

  • The installation staff will prepare the space prior to installing the door. They will do this by removing any doors or door frames and ensuring the entrance is clean and free of clutter.

  • The installation team will take precise measurements of the entryway so that the new door will be installed perfectly.

  • Installation crews will place the door frame. The installation crew will attach the frame to the wall with screws or nails.

  • The new door will be installed in the frame by the installation crew, who will ensure that it is flat, level and level. They will also put in the necessary hardware, such as locks, doorknobs, and hinges.

  • Finishing the installation installation team will make any required adjustments to the frame or door to ensure a smooth and smooth operation. They will seal and weatherstrip the doors to prevent drafts and water damage.

  • Cleaning: In order to make the new door usable, the installers will clean the area and remove any debris.

You should remember that different door styles, like pocket or sliding doors, might require a different installation process.

Our services in Oakland Park

We install doors of every brand, including: Andersen, Chamberlain, Overhead Door, Jeld Wen, Pella, Liftmaster, Amarr, Clopay, Craftsman, Genie, Therma Tru, Wayne Dalton and many more!


We can install any kind of doors: exterior doors exterior doors, interior doors as well as patio doors.


Doesn’t matter if need door installation services in the kitchen, shower, wardrobe bathtub or kitchen – we’ll do it all for you.

Sliding doors

Our experienced sliding door installation staff can help you to upgrade your home or office. Our team of professionals will speedily and efficiently set up the sliding doors. This ensures an ideal fit and easy operation. You can choose from wood, glass or contemporary sliding doors that will fit your budget and style. To give you peace of mind, each installation is covered by a comprehensive warranty. A poor installation shouldn’t mean that your door won’t perform as it should. Get in touch with us to schedule the installation of sliding door!

Interior doors

Our skilled indoor door installation service can transform the look and experience of your home business. Our expert team can swiftly and effectively put in the doors you want to use for your interior that will ensure a perfect fit and trouble-free operation. From traditional wood panel doors , to modern metal and glass styles, we offer a broad selection of door styles and materials to match any interior. Every door is backed by full warranty to ensure your safety. Bad installation will result in doors becoming jammed or not close properly. Contact us immediately to schedule an installation appointment for your home’s door.

Exterior doors

Our experts in exterior door installation will enhance your home’s curb appeal and also increase your security. Our professional team will quickly and effectively install your outdoor door. This will ensure a perfect fit and hassle-free operation. For any style and budget, we provide a broad variety of door styles and materials such as wood, fiberglass, and steel. We seal and weatherproof your property to prevent water damage and leaks throughout installation. The installation process comes with a 100% guarantee for your peace of mind. Do not settle for drafty, poorly placed doors. Find your outdoor door with us today to have a safer, more efficient house.

Closet doors

You can make the most of your closet space by using our expert closet door installation service. Our experts can quickly and easily install your new doors for your closet to ensure they are perfectly fitted and function seamlessly. We have a range of doors including bifold, sliding and mirror doors that will complement your style and budget. As part of our installation service , we take measurements to ensure the closet doors will fit into your space. If you’re looking to upgrade the doors on your closet or design a new walk-in closet, our experts have the experience to help you get the look you desire. Contact us today to arrange the installation of your closet door to get a better-organized and more useful closet space.

Pocket doors

A skilled pocket door installation expert will ensure you make the most of the space you have available. Our team of experts will swiftly install your pocket doors. They will be perfectly fitted and operate smoothly. Pocket doors are an excellent solution to make space and can enhance the look of any room. There are many door designs and materials to choose from such as glass, wood and modern designs. We can fit any budget and style. Additionally, as part of our installation services we’ll measure your space to make sure that your new pocket door will work perfectly. Contact us today to arrange the fitting of your pocket doors as well as to improve the space you have and stylish.

French doors

With our expert French door installation services, you can add the elegance and beauty of French doors to your home. Our expert team will install your French doors efficiently and quickly, making sure that they function perfectly. French doors can add elegance to any room in your home because of their classic design. We have a wide range of door styles and materials such as fiberglass, steel, and wood, to meet any budget. Our installation services also include sealing and weatherproofing your house to guard against drafts or water damage. Installation services are fully covered by a warranty for peace of peace of. Contact us now to arrange the installation of French Doors. The result will be better indoor-outdoor flow and more natural light.

Screen door

Our professionally fitted screen doors allow outside air in but keep dirt and pests out. Expertly fitted and functioning the new doors will be set up by our technicians in no time. Wood, metal doors, and fiberglass are just some of the many choices we offer to meet your needs and your budget. We also provide a full installation service, which involves precise measurements to ensure your new screens fit in the place they’re intended. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking screen doors for your patio, balcony, or front entrance, we are able assist. Call us now to arrange the installation of your screens and take pleasure in your outdoor space with comfort and ease.

Door entry

Our professional service to install entrance doors will make your guests feel comfortable. Our staff will set up your new front door efficiently and with ease. Wood, fiberglass, and steel are just a few of the examples of the materials we offer to meet the demands of any style scheme and budget. The installation we provide comes with an entire warranty for weatherproofing, sealing, and seal. This will ensure that your home is secure from the elements and prevent expensive repairs. Our experts have all the required equipment to ensure a smooth installation. We’ll help you make your home more secure, efficient, and attractive to guests by installing a new door.

Patio door

Our skilled patio door installation services will bring out the beauty of the outside inside your home. Our team of experts will put up your patio doors swiftly and efficiently, guaranteeing that they are fitted perfectly and have smooth operation. There are numerous door options offered, including bi-folding doors, French and sliding doors. Our installation service also includes weatherproofing in order to avoid water damage and drafts. To give you peace of mind, each installation includes a comprehensive warranty. Plan your patio door installation today to enjoy a more beautiful as well as energy efficient home.

Storm door

With our experienced patio door installation service you can bring all the natural beauty of the outside world right inside your home. A member of our expert team will install your new patio doors with precision and experience. We will also ensure they run smoothly. There are a variety of doors that are available, including sliding French bi-folding, and French doors. We can accommodate any tastes and budgets. We’ll make sure that your home is weatherproofed and sealed as part of our installation service. This protects it against draft and water damage. In addition, for your security, our installation service comes with a completely comprehensive guarantee. We can help you make your home more attractive and functional by planning the installation of patio doors.

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How much time does installing a door take?

The kind of door, the size of the aperture, and the installation’s intricacy may all affect how long it takes to install a door. It might take anything from a few hours to a whole day to install a typical door.

Can I put in a door on my own?

Although it is theoretically feasible, installing a door by oneself may be challenging and time-consuming. It requires a certain amount of carpentry and building expertise. To guarantee a flawless and easy installation procedure, it is advised to use a professional door installation service.

What exactly does a door installation service include?

A door installation service normally includes the removal and disposal of any old doors and door frames, the setting up of the new door and frame, the setting up of any required hardware, such as hinges, locks, and doorknobs, the weatherproofing and sealing of the door, and a thorough guarantee.

Does the door installation service come with any warranties?

The majority of reputable door installation businesses include a thorough guarantee that addresses any problems that can develop after installation. This might include any problems with the functionality of the door as well as any flaws in the materials or construction.

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