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We work hard to make our charges reasonable, so that the vast majority of prospective customers could be able to afford our services. Give us a an email if you are in need of our skilled handyman working in Pembroke Pines to construct one or more furniture pieces for you.

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Pembroke Pines Handyman Services

If you are a resident of Pembroke Pines and own your own apartment or single-family house You are aware of the importance of upkeep for the value of your property and for convenience for you and the family. Although some maintenance is straightforward for you to complete on your own when you have a day or a weekend off, you may have to employ someone else to take care of other tasks for maintenance due to your lack of knowledge for certain areas, lack of time or because you do not have the proper equipment and employing an experienced handyman to perform the task is less costly than purchasing specific tools. Our skilled and experienced handyman service on OnTime Handyman can take care of the majority, if perhaps not all of your maintenance needs .

Pembroke Pines Handyman Services for People Just Buying or Selling a House

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home condo, or apartment located in Pembroke Pines, there is a good probability that you’ll have to make some improvements or wish to prepare the property for sale . With the help of the OnTime handyman service, you could phone OnTime Handyman and have a array of maintenance tasks accomplished . Renovations and minor changes such as the resurfacing of bathroom or kitchen cabinets and installing new counter tops are just some of the maintenance work we perform for our customers looking to sell their home or who have recently purchased an older property or apartment .

The electrical wiring can be replaced with new, code-compliant wiring , if it’s outdated .

Installing an air conditioner We could install a new air conditioner or fan or replace the old, worn-out models.

Installing new flooring or repair of flooring that has been damaged. We can make your home’s flooring appear new and brand new. We can also lay new flooring !

Home security systems to ensure your family is safe and secure Our trained home security specialists can install a home security system in your Pembroke Pines house, condo, or apartment.

Of course, we’ll provide general services for maintenance, like the painting of your walls putting up shelves to provide you with more storage space, as well as general maintenance to keep your house in good shape .

Maintaining Your Current Residence

Naturally, we provide handyman service in Pembroke Pines not just to those who are purchasing or selling their home in the state however also those Pembroke Pines residents who are looking to maintain their existing residence .

We Also Dismantle Furniture!

We realize how difficult it could be to move big furniture pieces from apartment to apartment in Pembroke Pines because of the state’s narrow stairways and limited service elevators . To make the move more simple and easy for you and your family we offer the possibility of disassembling your furniture.

Learn More About Pembroke Pines Handyman Services

You can rely on us for all your needs, whether you’re seeking an estimate of the price we offer handyman services to help with one or more of your upcoming projects or you want to employ our handyman assistance in Pembroke Pines to get or keep your home in great condition .

Simply complete the short request form for a free quote for handyman services. We’ll gladly provide you an estimate for Our handyman services in Pembroke Pines according to your specific requirements . Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment with a handyman.

In Pembroke Pines what is the average cost a handyman charge ?

This article aims at giving you a ballpark price range to employ an handyman within your local area . Visit this page for a no-cost Estimate and get a price quote for your specific job . The following rates for hiring handyman handyman in Pembroke Pines were calculated by our research, which also included feedback received from the nearby handyman services.

Within three to five minutes, find in just three to five minutes, a handyman service. Let us know about your requirements for free estimations, with no obligation .

Factors Affecting Pembroke Pines Handyman Prices

A contractor will consider various factors which can raise or lower the cost of the project when they come to the home of your choice to give you an estimate. The cost of an handyman job can differ based upon the length of time it will take to finish and the amount of skill required . Here are some points to remember .

If: You’re seeking an urgent service, your costs can be higher .

  • A license for trade or a specific skills are required for the task (electrical or plumbing ).
  • You live in a region that can be difficult to get there.
  • The job will require special equipment to be completed (ie. equipment rental).
  • The materials used in the project are expensive (special tile, faucets, and materials ).
  • The work can take several days (more than the time spent traveling ).
  • There is a disposal fee for the job (materials that have been destroyed or hazardous materials ).
  • If your job is to be scheduled with flexibility however, the costs may be lower .
  • An official trade license isn’t required for this job .
  • The task can be completed with standard or minimal quality materials.
  • There is no requirement to purchase the items required to accomplish the task (requires no repeat visits).
  • The task is completed in one day (less travel time ).
  • You live in a convenient locality .

Price(less) Prices from Local Pembroke Pines Handyman Services

Pembroke Pines handyman Handyman The place where skilled and certified handymen are employed , Pembroke Pines is widely renowned for its high-quality handyman services. Our handyman has more than 20 years experience in working on numerous projects that counterparts struggle with . We are skilled in working on it and have completed this type of project multiple times in recent times Our handyman can complete a wide range of demanding tasks with no hesitation . For commercial as well as household settings, we are professionals . Because our handymen have the ability to provide you with their long-lasting expertise on a variety of products they offer the top handyman solutions in Pembroke Pines.

Here Is Exactly How Much You Should Pay a Handyman

It’s possible that you’ll be able to take those stalled home chores off your to-do list if you find professionals who are qualified and at a fair price .

It appears that there’s always something that must be addressed or modified when you own a home . Even while you might be capable of completing simple tasks by yourself, there might be some repairs or upgrades you’d feel more comfortable leaving to the professionals . In such cases you may want to engage the services of a handyman (or handywoman) to tackle tasks such painting your bedroom, clearing your gutters or installing a fresh kitchen faucet . Find out the average cost for some well-known handyman companies in following paragraphs to assist you in creating a budget and assessing whether you’re receiving a fair price .

Why Would You Hire a Handyman?

While there are numerous house improvement projects that you can absolutely complete on your very own but hiring a reliable handyman can save your time and money and the hassle of a task you would not consider to be in your range of expertise .

For starters, with only a few minutes of research then you can identify the right person who has expertise in a variety of services instead of having to spend several hours searching the internet for the right person to solve every paint caulk, drywall or difficulty that arises . Additionally, if you like the results and results, he will be able to help you once more . Also, you could identify additional specialists who are readily at hand to handle minor smaller or more complex projects . There’s no need to wait long for a contractor to get you on his schedule behind bigger (and perhaps more lucrative) tasks when there’s a specialist in your corner in order to stay on the timeframe you set for repairs and minor upgrades .

A competent handyman can not only help in maintaining the overall condition of your home however, you may also discover that hiring someone else to take on the task will end up being a cost-effective investment . A handyman may also offer a cheaper or bundled price when you hire him for more than one project at a time since they usually have the equipment needed to do the work on and in stock, thereby reducing the expense of hiring power tools.

What is the difference between a general contractor in comparison to a handyman?

There could be a perception that there isn’t any distinction between the skills of general contractors and handyman. Many people might confuse with the terms . Since both firms perform renovations and repairs on commercial and residential buildings, this confusion is not untrue .

The tasks of professional contractors and professional handymen can, however, differ greatly in some key ways.

The ideal tool for a handyman

Understanding exactly what you can be able to do to be handyman handyman legally is the greatest way to ensure the security of for your handyman business. It should be easy to understand !

Second-best way to protect your business ? insurance covering general liability. This protects you from third-party claims for injuries to a person, injury to property, injury to advertising, or injury to property or physical . The best way of protecting yourself against the inherent risks within your field is to obtain it even when your state doesn’t require it legally .

The process of obtaining handyman insurance is quite simple through Thimble it was designed with people who are like you in mind. It only charges you when you work because our insurance policies on demand cover your expenses by the hour or day. Or even the month . Simply hit “get a quote” or download the Thimble mobile app. Respond to three simple questions for a quote and then click “buy” to complete the transaction. The process will take less than minutes .

Insurance is a smart business choice because it provides your customers with security in the event that they hire you tackle odd chores like repair damaged windows, replace broken tiles, wash their pools , and other things you can (legally) assist them in .

Which handyman services are in high demand?

Although some handymen may be specialists in or are from specific industries but the vast majority are masters of all crafts who handle odd jobs from time to time .

  • Plumbing
  • Dry wall installation
  • replacing broken gutters
  • Repair of fixtures
  • painting while patching
  • applying tile
  • Painting
  • Deck construction and repair


Plumbing services are very well-known especially replacement of garbage disposals. Most of us are afraid to use the plunger, or the hidden mechanisms operating the bathroom or toilet .

A majority of the plumbing tasks, like the repiping of pipes, clearing toilets, in addition to installing new equipment , are completed by the typical handyman.

However, 44 of the 50 States (apart of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Pembroke Pines, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming) demand the use of a plumber’s permit for larger projects . A handyman could legally required to employ a subcontracting plumber for the task if you ask them to change the pipes on your entire home .

Installation of dry wall

Drywall adds fire-proofing to the walls and ceilings of your home , in addition to offering insulation. However, the drywall used in Ma hasn’t had a makeover for a long time . It could be a huge issue .

Drywall installation is one of the most frequently asked handyman jobs, whether it’s for the purpose of home improvement or fixing water damage. Since so many people depend on their help, some contractors only specialize in drywall installation .

Nearly everything that is connected with drywall repair and finishing can be repaired or installed by handyman experts, such as :

  • settlement-related cracks
  • Wear and tear
  • Leakage from moisture
  • The toxicity of rodents
  • anchor holes in drywall
  • Dry wall hanger
  • Taping and mudding drywall
  • Final touches, such as painting

replacing broken gutters

It might not seem like an issue to remove debris from gutters until you’re at least 30 feet above the ground, perched on a wobbly ladder.

When it comes to cleaning and repairing gutters, a lot of people have an actual fear of heights and don’t put their faith in themselves (or their partners’ ladder-bracing skills ).

What may be frightening to one person may make another person rich . Because they’re used to working at heights, handymen may make use of the time they spend under the eaves, to look over the roof, spot damaged gutters and, as needed, fix them .

replacement of fixtures

Do you currently own your own home ?

If this is the case, then over some time, the entire system will decline or be outdated . As time passes, fixtures need periodic maintenance or replacement. This includes :

  • Cabinets
  • Lighting devices
  • cooking faucets

Most fixtures replacement tasks don’t call for an authorization, which makes them excellent assignments for the experienced handyman. Although certain of these odd jobs could be done by DIY but it is recommended to work with an expert to get the job done properly .

painting while patching

One of the most common calls for handymen would be patch and paint, whether the paint on the walls has been scraped by furniture or a hole has been punched through the wall by roughhousing youngsters .

The steps listed below are necessary in order to change a small amount of drywall, despite the fact that many people have the ability to paint:

  • Patching
  • Spackling
  • Sanding
  • Painting

A perfect white wall can end up being “ruined” by even small imperfections or holes . It is possible to make it look brand new thanks to an experienced handyman.

applying tile

Tile installation is more of an art form than the ability to do it . If you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing a subpar tile installation, you’ll realize what we’re talking bout .

There is a lot more to this handyman task than just adhering the glue and then smoothing it over and then placing the tile.

A handyman is skilled at making an appearance that is flawless when tiling . This includes :

1 . Indicating the size of the floor to ensure that the tiles will fit perfectly

2 . Laying and possibly cutting tiles to prevent gaps that don’t need to be filled with tiles or


It’s not easy to install tile or set in a backsplash. A skilled handyman has the skills and equipment to give outcomes similar to those featured on television shows about home improvement .


The most commonly requested handyman task is painting, both inside and out . Although the majority of people paint but very few are proficient at it .

Even painting one space in a house can be an enormous undertaking ! A handyman is able to complete the job considerably more quickly and successfully because they’re equipped with the needed tools, such as :

  • roller brushes
  • paint brushes
  • Fabric droplets
  • Paint
  • Covers for furniture
  • Ladders with masking tape

Indeed, because painting is such a sought-after handyman job that some handymen are trained in this field . Thus using a handyman is the ideal option should you not feel like doing your day with a brush and a paint can.

Deck construction and repair

Are you thinking of making a patio or deck for your house ?

Even if you’re an expertin the field, installing or fixing the deck isn’t an easy task . It requires skill that the majority of “handy individuals” lack.

A challenging deck remodel can be made easy by your neighborhood handyman, especially if they have a team ready to assist them. As you sit back to unwind and begin organizing your first gatherings your outdoor space invite them to begin work .

Handyman services

A good handyman is someone you ought to keep on speed dial to be truthful . They can tackle a range of tasks, such as but not limited to:

  1. Plumbing
  2. Drywall
  3. Repairing gutters
  4. Repair and replacement of fixtures
  5. painting while patching
  6. Deck work, painting, and grouting

Your Pembroke Pines Handyman is Us

Handyman Pembroke Pines is exceptional thanks to our unwavering dedication to our clients, an extensive knowledge base, and a large Social network of satisfied clients who are spread across our Five Boroughs. We offer cleaning services, plumbing and painting services for residential and electric services. We also provide garbage disposal, debris removal and lawn maintenance services and building remodeling services in Pembroke Pines. All the services we provide are carried out to the highest standard . Our handymen never forget that “It’s Our Home” when they’re in the field . The most efficient and cost-effective solutions to the issues with your maintenance are presented by our skilled handymen after carefully considering your concerns . When we’re finished, your property will be in better shape than when we first arrived . Our handymen have a wealth of experience in providing excellent service.

Regular Handyman Services

Repair of Appliances

Our professionals ensure that the business and home equipment will run effectively .

Construction Remodeling With our construction and remodeling services , we improve both the exterior as well as the interior .

Grass-Care Services

We provide full lawn fertilization services, which also includes overseeding and aeration .

Services Electrical

To meet all of your electrical needs Our electricians can provide installation, maintenance, and replacement services.

Residential Painting for your dream commercial and residential properties, our residential painting services are top of the line .

Bathroom Services

Different types of houses are provided with a wide range of plumbing services.

Rubble & Waste

For garbage that is regular We offer trash and recycling collection services for commercial and residential properties .

Maintenance Services

Our cleaning services include post-renovation, post-party, post-spring, and house moving in/out cleaning .

For Pembroke Pines and nearby cities , Your Handyman fixes, paints, remodels, paints cabinets, kitchens floors, bathrooms, cabinets, and so on .

Our website offers information on the services we provide and how we can help you save money while still completing the task correctly in Pembroke Pines. We’re the experts on painting, carpentry plumbing, electrical, and maintenance.

The satisfaction of our clients is extremely important to us , since the majority of our work comes from pleased customers . Therefore, give us a ring and let us take care of your residential or commercial difficulties . We’ll guarantee you exceptional service for a reasonable price .

Additional handyman services offered in Pembroke Pines Services offered by handyman in the state of Pembroke Pines Pembroke Pines RESIDENTIAL AND Commercial HANDYMAN Services Pembroke Pines Assembly of furniture, paint for residential and carpentry , flooring minor electrical work minimal plumbing and plumbing & drain cleaning, as well as lawn care are just a few examples of trades . The landscape design process, the drywall installation LCD/flatscreen installation, appliance installation and window coverings , lighting, and ceiling fixtures, as well as appliance repair and installation . Faucets as well as plumbing fixtures including cabinet installation and repair , junk and waste removal locksmith services, home and business cleaning, and much more !

Twenty years experience are ours .

In Pembroke Pines we have tested and implemented our business plan for over 20 years. Our aim of being successful in our professional handyman service has been fulfilled . Numerous projects have been completed by our skilled handymen to full satisfaction of our customers . They’re talented and have developed into the foundation of our company . Each of our handymen is equipped with a vast knowledge and experience . Our skilled handymen handle their work with care and provide the best services for you .

Quick Service Right at Your Door

Take These 4 Simple Steps

  1. Call Us Right Now
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  3. Pick A Time
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  5. Request Free Pricing

A handyman is needed . You’re in luck – Pembroke Pines handyman

To meet all your handyman needs for Pembroke Pines, Handyman In Pembroke Pines repairs, fixes, and paints and remodels, handles decks, kitchens faucets, baths cabinets, flooring installing security systems, rubbish removal, and more . Every house maintenance, repair or repair job could be completed by our experts at rates that will meet your budget amount . We at Handyman Pembroke Pines we put an emphasis in your satisfaction with our quality of our service. We have a very large clientele . Thus, give us call today and let us help with the repair requirements either for your home or your business . We will always offer top quality service for a reasonable price .

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